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Air conditioning ducts are the most common way of cooling homes. They provide fresh air throughout the house by removing stale, humid air from the home. Ducts are usually located in attics or crawlspaces with metal grills placed on the exterior walls of your home for ventilation. The problem is that these ducts get dirty over time and leads to poor airflow and a drop in cooling performance.

Air ducts can get dirty for different reasons

  • Pet hair, carpet fibres, clothing lint from cleaning or wearing clothes inside the house and from dust from outdoors can get lodged in the ductwork reducing airflow and cause poor cooling efficiency.
  • Insulation particles from deteriorating or bad insulation can break free and get lodged in the ductwork.
  • If you have a home with pets, even items such as pet hair and dander can find their way into the air ducts and accumulate over time.
  • Pets or people who wear dusty clothes inside the house can deposit dirt from the outside, often from pollen and other allergens which make their way through your supply vents and clog them up.

Once dirt accumulates, it creates a potential health hazard for your family especially for those suffering from allergies or asthma due to the allergens and bacteria that accumulate.

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    Why should you have your air conditioning duct cleaned?

    Duct Cleaning and Repair Services
    • You will notice a drop in air conditioner running time as the blower fan has to work harder to push air through a clogged system, resulting in your system turning on and off more often.
    • In the case of heating units, dirt is a great insulator and also reduces the overall efficiency of the heater.
    • If the dirt is excessive, the system may stop working completely in some cases, it can become a fire hazard.
    • Excessive dirt requires more maintenance and increases potential repairs and up-keeping costs over time.
    • Clogged air conditioning ducts affect your home and make it noisier than before.

    Methods used for air conditioning duct cleaning

    There are three methods of duct cleaning which include:

    • Manual duct cleaning - This requires someone to physically enter each vent and clean it by hand with a brush, vacuum cleaner or cloth.
    • Forced air duct cleaning - This method uses a machine to blow air to push out any built-up debris in ducts.
    • Non-pressure vacuum system or "air scrubber" - In this method, pressurised sand-like particles are used to dislodge dirt from the ductwork through suction created by a vacuum cleaning machine.
    Residential Duct Cleaning

    Air ducts should be cleaned every one to three years, depending on the type of cooling system you have in place along with how often it is used.

    For example, if your home has air conditioning only during the summer months, then your ducts will require less attention than an air-conditioned home that uses the system throughout the entire year.

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