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Five visible signs your duct system needs cleaning

Maintaining your duct system is important to keep your environment fresh and clean all the time. Air duct cleaning is one of the services you need to consider to ensure that no allergens and contaminants are left on your vents.

It is normal that your HVAC gets filthy over time because of the amount of dirt that circulates inside your premises. The air ducts get to absorb all those grimes, that’s why you will notice a significant amount of dirt on your vents once you open them.

There are plenty of signs you need to watch out to know if you need duct cleaning services. You might want to take note of these things and immediately call professional help if you have checked at least one out of the five visible signs!

Here are the 5 visible signs your duct system needs cleaning

Clouds of dust

While cleaning is anything but a pleasant errand, it’s something that we need to perform every now and then to avoid allergic reactions or any severe health condition. If you start noticing there are clouds of dust in your cabinets, drawers, and even flowing in the air, you likely need to have your ducts cleaned!

The dust on your ducts is caused by multiple allergens and dirt inside your premises. An uncleaned property could also be the reason why your ducts are filled with grimes, danders,  and mildews.

To avoid significant dust buildup, make sure to check your filters and have it cleaned often.

Pest infestation

You might miss it but pests such as rodents and cockroaches may make their way into your duct system. With this, they carry a lot of bacteria and leave fecal droppings behind. The fecal spores that they left may get into your property and infect the air quality you breathe.

From time to time, it’s better to have your ducts checked properly and see if there is a pest infestation breeding inside your ducted system.

Mould germination

If you are having troubles with dust, mould is on a different level! Not only it will affect the air quality you have, but also your respiratory system as well. Moulds can also spread fast inside your premises and set off health problems.

Your air ducts may have condensation development which causes mould growth in your vents especially if you are living in a humid climate. There are difficult parts to reach in your vent that requires an expert to do the job.

So if you have mould development inside your duct system, you need to act fast and hire professional cleaning service that is recognised as a reputable and reliable company.

Major property renovation

Renovation may cause a lot of contaminants flowing around your premises which can make their way in your vents. Your duct system may gather a colossal amount of debris and dirt inside, making it hard to function and provide sanitary air for you.

Increase in electrical bills

Sometimes your duct system may be clogged by dirt and grimes, making it to work harder – thus the increase in your electrical bills. You might notice that your ducts are not as well-functional as before but your energy bills increase.

If this is the case, immediately call for licensed technicians to run a thorough checkup and cleaning for you.